Sheikh Daoud Kairaba Bojang

Sheikh Kairaba Bojang (Daoud) Founder and President of Markazul Irrshaad WA Tawjeeh (Center for Islamic Counseling and Guidance) received Islamic and Arabic Education in Saida, Algeria in 1974.

After completing primary school, he traveled to Khartoum, Sudan in early 1980 and studied for six month, traveling again to Medina, Saudi Arabia in 1980 where he remained for 9 years. He received his secondary education, middle school, and high school in Islamic Studies. He graduated from the Islamic University of Medina in 1989 majoring in Sharia and Islamic Studies.

In the late 1990’s he migrated to the United States where he currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. Sheikh Daoud Bojang has taught Islamic courses for Masjid Farooq, Masjid Al- Ihsaan and the Gambian Community of Atlanta. He delivers Khutbas (Friday sermons), Lectures and Seminars at various Masjids and the Islamic community Centers in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia and Beyond . He is also listed as the Imam on call with Emory University hospital & the children health care system of Atlanta, to offer prayers to Muslim cancer patients and children.

Professor Daoud gives lectures world wide online for the Internet Islamic University in New York, teaching a course entitled, “Family Life in Islam, Aqidah and Living Islam, Day to Day Fiqh and the Sirah of the Prophet PBUH”. Sheikh Daoud Bojang is father to four children two boys and two girls.